By applying to become a Miliari Ambassador through the specific form, you undertake to accept, in case of approval of the application, the following terms and conditions:

1-Miliari will send you free of charge the product you have chosen and indicated in the form. If you’re located outside Italy, you shall cover shipping costs;

2-Miliari will send you a personal code that can be used by your followers and friends to get a 20% discount on any product in the store. For each sale made with this discount code, Miliari will pay you a 10% commission (gross of withholding tax) on the amount of the selling. Commissions will be paid within 15 days of the end of each month;

3-In return, in the following 30 days, you will create a minimum of 10 pictures and 2 videos with the product you received and then publish at least two posts and one story on your Instagram profile highlighting the product received, in which you will have to insert the Miliari profile tag (@miliardibrand);

4-All the contents you will create (posts, photos, stories, etc.) with the free Miliari product you received, must be sent in high resolution files to the email address They can be used free of charge by Miliari on its social profiles and pages, on its website as well as for sending newsletters;

5-You confirm that you have the full rights to accept these conditions, that you are not contractually bound to third parties, that you take full responsibility for all the contents you’ll create (including places, people or things portrayed) and that you have nothing else to expect from Miliari in relation to the above, except for the free delivery of the product you have chosen.